ICM 12 - Karlsruhe - International Conference on the Mechanical Behavior of Materials

Welcome to the ICM12
Karlsruhe, Germany

Conference Center
May 10-14 2015

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Conference Topics

We intend to organize the conference in several mini-symposia which are tentatively listed below. These mini-symposia will typically last 2 full days accompanied by a poster session:

  • Multiscale phenomena in plasticity (A)
  • Residual Stresses (B)
  • Cyclic deformation behavior, crack initiation & crack growth of metals (C)
  • In-situ microscopy and diffraction (D)
  • Size effects and small-scale mechanical behavior of materials (E)
  • Advanced steels and steel composite materials (F)
  • Fracture Mechanics (G)
  • Materials for Fission and Fusion (H)
  • High temperature materials (I)
  • Polymer based composites (K)
  • Lightweight alloys and structures (L)
  • Ultrastrong metallic and non-metallic glasses (M)
  • General Mechanical Behavior (X)

Supporting Organizations