ICM 12 - Karlsruhe - International Conference on the Mechanical Behavior of Materials

Welcome to the ICM12
Karlsruhe, Germany

Conference Center
May 10-14 2015

Conference Dinner - teaserimage

Conference Dinner - Rennbahn Iffezheim / Baden-Baden

The racetrack Iffezheim near Baden-Baden is arguably one of the most beautiful racetracks in Europe. As one of the biggest organizers of races in Germany it has a high international reputation.

Racing at Baden-Baden has a long tradition. The racetrack built in the village of Iffezheim near the French border opened in 1858 and quickly developed into one of the leading tracks not only in Germany but worldwide.

Transport to Iffezheim with a shuttle service.

There you will have the chance to visit the parade ring, have a look at the horses and become acquainted with the jockeys. Enjoy betting on horses and get exited to watch the race. Afterwards we are serving a special Baden-Baden hot and cold buffet for your refreshment.

A bus will bring you back to Karlsruhe.

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